ICT 4 Inclusion   Africa Edition 2021

Solution proposed by SANTOSH SHAIL

Creation of Sign Language Vocabulary (SLV)
for Inclusive Education in Ethiopia

Problem Demonstration
in sign language interpretation

The following video demonstrates some challenges of sign interpretation due to the absence of an authoritative Sign Language “vocabulary” for academic subjects. In the absence of universally accepted sign-interpretations (hand gestures) for the complex words , the only way to sign-interpret the words is to sign-spell them, which takes a long time. While interpreting sentences with multiple difficult words, their interpretation by sign-spelling takes a long time, and the voice-over narration moves on to next sentences. The sign-interpreter is left trailing behind, frustrated by failure to keep pace. This was the main challenge encountered during the sign-interpretation of the educational videos. All sign interpreters agreed that their work would be more efficient if they had a Sign Language Vocabulary (Dictionary) for words used in academic subjects.

Problem Statements
by Deaf Students